Bringing the food system back in balance with nature

Protix brings the food system back in balance with nature.

It has been our life mission since 2009 and will be in the decades to come. We develop smart technologies that efficiently convert end-of-life organic waste into valuable nutrients like proteins for animals and humans.

Our approach is to make impact now.

We commercially serve many clients with our sustainable flagship products Protein X and Lipid X as well as other requested derivatives. Click here to learn more about the real impact we make today.

Our mission has only just begun.

From our current product and customer base we are excited to expand our impact by going global. We will do this by continuously looking for better solutions on both product and production technology.

Our people are the driving force behind our momentum.

Individually unique and collectively strong. We go for the X-factor to ensure we keep on amazing our clients and ourselves. Click here for current vacancies.